How to flirt with women

Many men are frustrated when trying to get a beautiful women’s attention even getting to the point that they will do anything for them which is just wrong. Before making a move, you should know these two secrets of how to flirt with a woman. So that every move you make counts in the women’s heart.

Well, if you are really tired of the same old dating techniques, like making eye contact and saying silly compliments to get women’s attention. Now it’s time to change your tactics, by knowing the secrets of “how to flirt with women”. Try these, here are two little known tips on flirting with women that every man should know and learn from.

Mr. Good Guy

The first secret of how to flirt with women is to understand how attraction works for women: women get attracted to men who make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable and they are excited to be with. Don’t forget this fact women need a man who she feels, can protect her, and make her feel secure so that’s why being Mr. nice guy is the worst possible way to behave for attracting a women. So “no more Mr. nice guy” is probably one of the most important dating tips for men you’ll ever learn!

Using Unpredictability and Be yourself-That is be Real

Okay, we know women want their men to make them secure and safe, but how will you balance that out with excitement? Here is how, it is all about being a little bit unpredictable as well as leaving wondering about you. Of course, you have to make sure that this kind of unpredictable and mysterious behavior is balanced with shows of confidence and responsibility.

The best way to accomplish this is keeping your life, your character as well as your beliefs intact…even if they are not to be able to the woman’s liking. Being yourself is going to be far more effective, because it is authentic. Women are very sensitive and they know when we are acting or playing at a persona.. You will find women will be far more attracted to you if you are being your authentic self.

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