How to Become an Alpha Male

So you want to become an alpha male?  Perhaps you’ve always asked yourself why “he” got all the girls or why no women even take a glance at you. That’s probably because you don’t have the alpha male qualities. In nature, the female always seeks the alpha male first because he is fearless, strong, and others follow him.

As an alpha male, your social life will drastically change, regardless of whether you want to be an alpha male in the first place. Here are some tips on how you can become an alpha male and start leading rather than following.

•    Getting rid of your fear will be the first step. That’s not to say you should be reckless, but you should never be afraid to speak your mind and to do what you want to do.  Don’t let others push you around. Remember, you tell people what to do, not the other way around. If they don’t want to follow you, just go on without them.  This works in conversations where you are the center of attention. You are the one who allows other people not to talk, so don’t wait for your turn to speak.

•    Bear in mind that you don’t need your friends’ help when approaching a woman you like. Going to a bar with friends is fine, but don’t ask them to come over with you so it seems less awkward. Females are the only ones who use that tactic, not you. Remember that alpha males are fearless and they do what they like when they like to do so, and so your friends can follow you (and they probably will), but don’t let them be the reason why you go see girls.

•    Another tip to become an alpha male is to be kind and generous.  Remember that the alpha is the provider at the same time.  So basically, being fearless and always in control doesn’t equate to you being cruel. Humans have evolved past this to get others attention and in fact, girls think more highly of kind men with authority.  If you can control the situation, do as you please, and at the same time, do it with kindness and you will be king of the males.

Being an alpha male is not really that hard. Most of all, what you need is to be fearless.  Look at a scary situation and give it a smile.  Bear in mind that deep down, women are looking for men who can provide for them. It may seem a bit wild, but it’s true.  An alpha male is expected to do many tasks and has a lot of responsibility which is why a lot of men shy down from that role.  However, if you feel up to the task of assuming this role, it doesn’t take much.  Good luck with your task of dominating others.

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